Meet Cammie


“Cammileah Beth has come a long way from a childhood in Thunder Bay, ON where she learned to love the wilderness and was an avid outdoors person. Today, the focus of her career as a real estate professional is primarily on more urban settings. Along the path from country girl to career woman, she spent fifteen years involved in various aspects of the film and entertainment industries, experience she says taught her the importance of getting your message across with creativity and flair.

In 2012 Cammie turned a labour of love into an international calling card for the city of London. Joining forces with Custom Concept Photography + Cinema and using her own considerable skills, she set out on what eventually became a year-long project. Its goal was to create a tool to encourage residents, investors, large industries and small businesses to come to the city she loves.
The resulting ‘Love London Canada’ video was debuted to an international audience at the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships, and has since attracted attention from around the globe. Cammie continues to be one of the city’s biggest boosters with her continuous projects and philanthropic endeavors. 

Her efforts have considered her one of Canada‘s Top Real Estate Marketers, as she continues to push into new way of thinking, breeding the next generation of real estate marketers. Cammie specializes in multi-layered and inventive marketing, and works with residential, condominium, multi-family, commercial, industrial, farmland and investment properties across the province.

Lots of real estate agents promise the world, but delivering a workable deal takes a lot more than talk. Cammie has developed an effective marketing system that provides measurable results and delivers what her buying and selling clients want, the right price for the right property. Always in motion herself, she has capitalized on her energy and initiative to help others make the moves they want.

As a self-professed “24-7 agent”, and one of Southern Ontario‘s most sought after Brokers, Cammie remains heavily active in facilitating the real estate needs of her clients both on a corporate, and residential level. In 2015, Cammileah enjoyed her time as a Real Estate Broker for Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, after opening the first satellite office in London, Ontario, servicing the Southwestern Ontario luxury market. This opportunity then transformed into the natural next step in her career, which was to open her own firm.

Cammileah Beth Real Estate Brokerage LTD. was formed in 2016.